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5 Causes of Paint Deterioration

5 Causes of Paint Deterioration As time goes by, certain parts of a house grows weaker and weaker. Some of these parts include its structures, windows, doors, electrical systems, and plumbing pipes, among others. When this happens, it’s only logical to hire professionals to provide handyman and painting services to have these damaged parts fixed. Otherwise, you would lose more money than what you initially expected. One area of your house that’s overlooked is its paint. Although other areas of your property serve more purposes, the paint is one of the first to go if it’s not taken care of properly. To prevent its further deterioration, here are some causes you should be aware of. Pollution Pollution plays a big part in the deterioration of a house’s exterior paint. That’s because air pollution contains a lot of harmful chemicals that cause your paint to peel off or change color. One good example of these chemicals is sulphur dioxide . Once the paint is exposed to this chemical on a constant basis, you can expect the corrosion process to start right away. This cause of corrosion is more common in houses that are located near places where there are a lot of cars or factories.   Salty Air Just like with pollution, salty air is a leading cause for paint deterioration. Homes located near the sea are most susceptible to salty air. Once a house exterior has been hit with air containing sea salt, the paint will dry off. This is caused when the salty air bombards a lot of moisture onto the exterior paint and causes it to peel off easily.   Humidity And speaking of moisture, one of the ways for paint to deteriorate is humidity. Basically, humidity contains water vapor that is then divided by the amount of dry air near you. This occurs when rains or snow are prevalent in your area. The combination of water vapor and dry air particles will wreak havoc on your paint. As a result, the paint will lose its integrity and will start to corrode.   The Heat of the Sun On the other end of the spectrum, the scorching heat produced by the Sun is also a leading candidate for paint deterioration. The rays of the sun contain Ultra Violet rays that are not only damaging to your paint, but to human being’s skin as well. Although the effects of the sun won’t be seen for a long time, these UV rays will surely corrode your paint in a slow manner. Even if there is a lot of shade and trees surrounding your house, the rays of the Sun will still affect its paint no matter what.   Plants and Mold If you’re not too careful or observant, your house’s exterior may fall victim to unwanted plants or mold. These organics are cultivated when there’s too much moist around your home. Once a number of plants or mold has started to grow, they will chip away at your paint. Fixing this problem is also costly because re-painting your exterior won’t do the job. You have to clean up the exterior first before applying new paint.